Backup as a service

The term “backup as a service” (BaaS) refers to the practice of using a cloud backup provider to manage and protect an organization’s data. It is a strategy for backing up data that involves sending a copy of the data over a network to an off-site server. The off-site server is typically hosted by a third-party provider that specializes in data storage and disaster recovery.

In today’s complex IT world, it can be challenging to keep business activities running in the event of failure. If a solid backup tool is not in place, your infrastructure may be in danger. A crucial part of the business that might affect a company’s development is the damage to the servers and application data. Therefore, it is now a fundamental requirement for businesses to perform a regular backup of their important data that can be restored as needed to ensure business continuity.

CloudSharQ “BaaS” is a service that provides a combination of strategic backup services like Offsite Backup, Hybrid Backup, and Backup to the Cloud.

The ability to quickly access backups and, more crucially, perform restores must be combined with extreme security and affordability. It’s time to switch to CloudSharQ’s flexible pay-per-use option in place of your capital budget, backup operations, asset management, tools, and facilities.

You have the choice of complete backups or incremental backups with CloudsharQ Backup-as-a-Service. Additionally, you may take use of features like encrypted end-to-end backups for data preservation. BaaS takes care of the management, setting, and protection of your data. Anywhere you require it, we provide this service. We safeguard all your data, both structured and unstructured while enabling self-service recovery for your application teams.

Why go with CloudSharQ ?

Benefits: Cost Optimization: CloudSharQ helps customers to optimize and reduce their backup costs.

Flexibility: With our BaaS model, anybody may rapidly compute backup requirements up and down based on company needs.

Experience: CloudSharQ has the necessary knowledge to comprehend not only the effects of cloud & storage models but also your legacy storage environment.

Security: To protect your data, CloudSharQ provides end-to-end security expertise and four levels of data security.

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