The term “database-as-a-service” (DBaaS) refers to a distributed services model that makes it easier for end users to quickly provision a database. It describes the process of setting up, running, and scaling databases without the need for installing software, configuring physical hardware, or configuring database replications for availability. Your daily tasks can be easily streamlined with a database as a service.

This solution can eliminate tiresome and time-consuming administrative duties with a one-click procedure to simplify database management. It helps businesses improve their operational efficiency.

What are the benefits of a Database as a service?

 When using a database as a service, you can receive more dependable performance.

Scaling up as a business grows is a far more dependable, economical approach.

With the help of DBaaS, database users with different backgrounds and levels of experience may easily access and provision databases.

You only pay for what you use it for and when.

Our DBaaS services give a controllable, resilient database platform that adapts to the environment’s current needs.

Why CloudSharQ Cloud DBaaS?

By offering reasonable prices and operational transparency, we provide the newest best practices in deployment, multiclause management, and hybrid cloud replication into and out of CloudsharQ Cloud.

Customers have full control over their data, clouds, clusters, and expenses thanks to CloudSharQ Cloud.

Vote in favour of CloudsharQ Exchange as a service and against the hassles of keeping the exchange platform up and running.

Email hosting has gotten simpler and less complicated with our Exchange as a Service offering because we can handle several customers at once. We provide a wide range of exchange features, including management, security, availability, backup, and support.


CloudSharQ offers Exchange as a service with an unrivalled network uptime solution because we are aware of how downtime affects your productivity.

 Exchange as a Service provides your company with the redemption it needs. For each email you send or receive, there are three levels of security.

Save money by using CloudSharQ Exchange as a service in your company.

Exchange as a Service was created to be completely compatible with Outlook and provide enterprise-level sync with Outlook Web Application. So, accessing your emails won’t be a problem no matter what device you’re using!

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