Disaster recovery as a service

Disaster recovery as a service is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations keep their data and applications safe in the event of an outage or disaster. DRaaS is a cost-effective and scalable DR solution that can be easily implemented by businesses of all sizes. It offers many benefits, including flexibility, scalability, and affordability. Businesses must have a well-defined DR plan in place to ensure that they can recover from a disaster quickly and efficiently.

DRaaS provides businesses with the ability to quickly recover from outages and disasters, minimizing downtime and keeping critical data and applications accessible. This is a vital service for businesses of all sizes, as it can help prevent major financial losses and disruptions to operations.

DRaaS permits the full replication of a workload to CloudSharQ infrastructure. This allows businesses to keep their critical applications and data available in the event of an outage or disaster.

DRaaS offers real-time protection of virtual servers with our high-performance disaster recovery services, with zero data loss guaranteed for most workloads. Our DRaaS solution offers a low recovery point objective (RPO), as well as a recovery time objective (RTO) for most virtual servers and workloads.

Why choose CloudSharQ for DRaaS?

CloudSharQ’s DRaaS solution provides organizations with the ability to replicate their entire environment, including servers, storage, and networking configurations. This makes it possible for businesses to quickly restore operations following an outage. 

CloudSharQ’s DRaaS is a cost-effective way to ensure business continuity, as it eliminates the need for organizations to invest in their own disaster recovery infrastructure. This also reduces the IT burden on businesses, as CloudSharQ’s experts manage and maintain the DRaaS solution.

Customers can Monitor the progress and status of all the replicated resources on CloudSharQ DRaaS dashboard, which provides them the ability to control all DR actions like failback, failover, migrate2Cloud, etc.

CloudSharQ uses native hypervisor-based replication technology, which provides faster & reliable performance than any other traditional DR technologies out there in the market.

There are many reasons to choose CloudSharQ for DRaaS. First, CloudSharQ is a leading provider of cloud-based disaster recovery services. CloudSharQ has the expertise and resources to help you recover from any type of disaster.


Second, CloudSharQ offers a comprehensive suite of disaster recovery services, including data backup, application recovery, and infrastructure recovery. This means that you can rely on CloudSharQ to recover your critical data and applications after a disaster.

Finally, CloudSharQ’s disaster recovery services are affordable and easy to use. With pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for the services you use, and there are no long-term contracts or upfront costs.

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