Managed SOC

Managed SOC

A managed security operation center, also known as SOC as a service, is a type of security management service that helps organizations outsource and manage their security operations. It is a cost-effective way to secure an organization’s data and systems, as well as meet compliance requirements. A managed SOC provides IT organizations with external cybersecurity professionals who watch your logs, devices, cloud environments, and network for known and evolving advanced threats. This service is based on the idea of turning an internal security operations centre (SOC) into an external cloud-based service. 


A managed SOC can provide many benefits to an organization, including 24/7 monitoring and support, incident response, and threat intelligence. This can free up internal resources so they can focus on other important tasks.

Benefits of Managed SOC 

Managed SOC helps in managing the security operations of organizations from all around the world in every industry vertical. The capital expense typically associated with creating a SOC is exchanged for a single, straightforward monthly running fee with SOC as a Service. An organization’s security posture, both on-premises and in the cloud, can be immediately improved the moment the service is introduced by combining cutting edge threat information, seasoned cybersecurity analysts, and cutting-edge security monitoring and response orchestration tools. When compared to the expense for an enterprise to set up a SOC on their own, a managed SOC offering can be significantly less expensive. The monthly cost of SOC as a Service is frequently less expensive than the cost of simply hiring the internal security analysts that would be required (let alone the cost of establishing the SOC itself). SOC as a Service is a cost-effective option and costs a fraction of what an internal SOC would. 

Why CloudSharQ for SOC?

-Reduces SOC complexity: Most organizations lack the time or experience to perform the extensive work required to design, build, configure, test, manage, maintain, upgrade, and run an internal SOC well, if at all. A SOC that already exists is used to pay for services, which simplifies the equation if you choose to engage CloudSharQ as a service provider. 

-Reduces deployment time: The deployment time is drastically shortened because a SOC is not required. CloudSharQ SOC can be operational and monitor an organization’s environment in roughly a month as opposed to taking quarters or years. 

-Instant expertise: Not every company has in-house cybersecurity expertise, and not every company has the funding to do so. With CloudSharQ SOC as a Service, businesses may access a team of analysts and professionals in cybersecurity who are qualified to keep an eye out for and address the most sophisticated threats now facing the industry. 

-Improves threat detection and response: CloudSharQ is more prepared than their client enterprises to deliver threat detection and response. Therefore, this improves threat detection and response capabilities far beyond those of internal security teams by utilizing the most recent threat data, a team of devoted security specialists, best-in-class security solutions, and automated response orchestration. 

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